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Here is feedback we received from Emily in Utah ….. April 2015

This is for sure the best anti-chafe and anti blister method of using Squeaky Cheeks.  Take a ziplock bag and put your socks and underthings in the bag.  Make sure to turn them all inside out.  Dump in a liberal amount of Squeaky Cheeks and give them a shake (oh yea did I mention the smell, it is heavenly!.  As well prior to your run, rub it in your undearms, on your “boobies”, and all over your midsection.  I am amazed at how this stuff works.  I used to use Body Glide, but the fabric just seemed to wipe it off and it never lasted, I was given a sample of Squeaky Cheeks at the Ragnar race and was a bit skeptical because it was a powder.  Man was I ever wrong!  

This stuff is the bombdiggidy!!!! ……… Emily in Utah    

Another Love Affair …….. March 2015

I LOVE Squeaky Cheeks.  I was given a sample of it to use in my golf shoes. My shoes are pretty stiff and when I’m playing a long day of golf my feet perspire. I was looking for a product to help with this problem. My friend recommended it to me and I tried it out and it keeps my feet dry and feeling fresh all day.

I have now started using Squeaky Cheeks every day now. I have replaced my old stick deodorant with this product and I stay fresh all day long. This product is 100% natural which is my favorite part. do me a favor and look at the ingredients in your stick deodorant. the main ingredient is metal or aluminum. It’s no wonder why so many women in America get breast cancer when they are putting metals into their armpits every morning.

I am now a lifelong believer in this product. I tell everybody that I know about Squeaky Cheeks and everybody that uses it tell me that they LOVE it too.

Chris in San Diego

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  1. This stuff is so good. It’s very fine, smells so natural and very soothing. My daughter got her hands on this product. She gave it to me to try as I have a broken ankle and in an orthotic boot that I remove when I shower. I then apply Squeaky Cheeks. It’s worked for me and I recommend it.

    • Hi Faye ……. thank you for the great testimonial.

      If we can help in any way just let us know.

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