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Created by firefighter Rock Toone (watch Rock’s video) ……. Squeaky Cheeks is a 100% all natural talc free powder featuring soothing and energizing essential oils …… this is not just another personal care product but a high performance body and foot powder that will energize your lifestyle ……. and for the last 10 years, has been simply the best formula available for the prevention of chafing and sweat reduction and odor elimination !


As usual, necessity is the mother of invention.
We are everyday folks who realize that no matter what, everybody gets hot and everybody sweats.
We understand the need to prevent skin irritation, eliminate odor, and reduce sweat and moisture.

Our busy lives dictate all sorts of activities and we cannot afford any downtime due to… well… those issues.
You know, the issues no one talks about at parties like sweaty feet, skin chafing down there, stinky shoes, excessive body sweat, and underwear.

At Squeaky Cheeks we had tried every product out there, but hated the slick greasy products that felt squishy and were a total mess …. and talc powders that just cake up, fall off, and only last a very short time. We needed something that held up to the limits of both high-performance and every day activities. We wanted all-day protection, all-day odor elimination and a true all-natural healer.

Three years later our 100% natural and talc free formula was perfected.
Squeaky Cheeks feels energizing, heals like no other, smells terrific and lasts all day. After ten years of success you can trust that wherever life takes you,
we are working to keep you comfortable so that you can enjoy your time indoors and outdoors.

Funny Name! Serious Comfort!


Squeaky Cheeks is more than a funny name, it is THE MOST effective product and VERY different from anything else on the market.

On the surface you may think this is plain ol’ talc powder like you are used to. Make no mistake, Squeaky Cheeks is different.  IT IS TALC FREE !!
……. and it is formulated for high-performance use.

The Squeaky Cheeks all-natural active ingredients:

  • Bentonite Clay …… has a variety of benefits that make it a powerhouse natural ingredient. It has unmatched absorption abilities that allow it to wick sweat away from the skin without breaking down or caking up and lasts for hours with one application. It has the ability to lubricate as a powder while letting the skin breathe. However, the most important factor is that it has a molecule design that contains very powerful negative ions that absorb positive ions in the body such as toxins, bacteria and fungus by drawing them into the clay, preventing their growth. This all-natural process is called bacteriostatic (bacteria-inhibiting), instead of adding chemicals to kill the bacteria (bactericidal – bacteria-killing).
  • Slippery Elm ……. is a mainstay of herbal medicine. If you already have skin irritation or blister caused from chafing, slippery elm bark helps sooth the injury, while its tannins are astringent, making it ideal to ease inflammation, swelling and assist the healing of damaged tissues. The topical application of the bark creates a film atop the skin similar to that produced within the digestive tract. The film relieves the inflammation and irritation associated with chafing, rash, minor wounds, abscesses and boils. The FDA has approved it as a safe agent that forms a soothing film over a mucous membrane, helping relieve minor pain, discomfort and inflammation of the affected area.
  • Essential Oils… our Original Formula Squeaky Cheeks cools the area where applied, smells GREAT and can tame the rankest odors! Even though Squeaky Cheeks has essential oils, it goes on dry and stays dry!

Our own proprietary blend of these ingredients makes Squeaky Cheeks an extremely efficient, yet an all-natural recipe. It smells great, reduces sweat, removes bacteria and comforts any skin irritation by aiding the body’s own recovery process!

Funny Name! Serious Comfort!



AT WORK let’s face it, not everyone sits in the comfort of an air conditioned office.

Many people are working hard jobs every day, rain or shine, hot or cold. Workers know the problems that sweat and discomfort can cause. Skin chafing, foot problems and skin issues can incapacitate you, and that can mean not getting paid.

Employers understand the benefits of keeping their workers safe and comfortable. A comfortable worker is more productive and that can greatly improve the bottom line in a competitive marketplace.

Squeaky Cheeks is the best solution for reducing sweat, eliminating odor and helping prevent blisters, chafing and other skin irritations. Plus it is 100% natural, with healing power to prevent and treat even the harshest cases of whatever you call …. “those issues you don’t talk about at parties” ….. and the fresh invigorating Squeaky Cheeks smell will tame even the rankest smelling feet and boots on the planet! 

We hear from workers and employers every day about the benefits of both worker comfort and the improved
workplace productivity provided by Squeaky Cheeks.

Some of the places you can find workers using Squeaky Cheeks:  Mine Sites, Factories, Production Lines, Construction Sites,
Kitchens, Road Workers, Farms, Safety Gloves, Work Boots, Socks, Jocks and Bras ……….
wherever you find work going on you will find a need for the soothing comfort of Squeaky Cheeks.

AT PLAY ….  individual athletes of all shapes and sizes ……. and sports team of all kinds can benefit from Squeaky Cheeks.

When the difference between winning and losing often comes down to very small differences in performance …. Squeaky Cheeks can be that difference.  Imagine if your athlete or team is free from chafing and blisters and can concentrate on their performance.

Maybe you are not into performance but want to simply enjoy your activities ….. then Squeaky Cheeks can help you as well ……. keeping you fresh, chafe free and comfortable whether hiking or golfing or anything in between.

DAILY LIVING ….  from busy mums who are on the go all day ………
to all those dealing with the pressures of our busy life.

Squeaky Cheeks applied at the start of a busy day can give you the confidence of making it all the way through without the fear of body odor or smelly feet whilst leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable up top and down below.  Imagine being able to send your children off to school for the day knowing that when they arrive home, their sock and shoes will still be as fresh as when they left.

How long may a 5oz bottle last ?:

Coach Jeff  …  Personally I use my 5oz bottle at least 2 to 3 times a day after showers or in between workouts
and a bottle usually lasts me about 3 to 4 weeks.


……….. “I first came across Squeaky Cheeks in March 2014 and was happy to see a product to help reduce the nasty effects of chafing while running and biking.  I compete in Ironman triathlons (I have raced The Hawaii Ironman 14 years in a row)  and find myself working out for many hours at a time, and in varied conditions (hot, cold, wet, dry, you name it)!  The after effects of chafing can be awful and very painful.  When I tried Squeaky Cheeks, I was pleasantly surprised by the way it provided a barrier between my shorts and “me” to not only prevent chafing, but reduce the amount of sweat as well.  I also immediately noticed that my bike shorts did not smell as bad afterwards which allowed me to get in a few more workouts without doing another wash.  I am excited to use it in my triathlons this year.

Thanks Squeaky Cheeks for allowing me to be fast and comfortable when training and racing!”
Tim Hola,  Team Timex- 2014


…….. “there has simply been nothing better in resolving my chafing issues than Squeaky Cheeks …. it has taken my performance to a whole new level”
Dave Taylor – Marathon Runner – Melbourne Australia

…… “prepped for a run and my 9yr old comes up and hugs me and tells me that I smell nice, like mint. ….that’s Squeaky Cheeks …… yet another reason to love this product
Judith Miller  (Runner)  Brisbane  Australia

….. “as a busy real estate agent , I need to be feeling fresh and comfortable all day. Before I started using Squeaky Cheeks I used to be constantly worried about body odor when with clients. These days I feel confident all day with Squeaky Cheeks keeping me fresh and comfortable and able to concentrate on my work..
Maggie Jackson – Agent – Sydney Australia

Don’t take our word for it. Give us a try and create your own testimonial. Trust us… we have seen and heard it all. After ten years we still receive letters from people who swear by the unmatched effectiveness of Squeaky Cheeks.

Funny Name! Serious Comfort!

The Squeaky Cheek Products ……..

             Squeaky Cheeks Original Blend 5oz Bottle 5oz_bottle_medium

             Squeaky Cheeks Original Blend 8gm Single Use Pack   SQC_stick_pack_medium


Funny Name! Serious Comfort!