Hey Team ….. welcome to Squeaky Cheeks “down under” 

Like a lot of the other humans, Coach Jeff suffered with chafing.
After trying most products on the market the Coach found Rock Toone and his Squeaky Cheeks ( watch Rock’s video) and instantly fell in love with Squeaky Cheeks and it’s soothing essential oils.

Coach Jeff and Rock brought Squeaky Cheeks to Australia.
So now,  you can “soothe your soles” with the full range of Squeaky Cheeks products.

Squeaky Cheeks is not just a personal care product but one that will wake up your body and energize your lifestyle.

Our busy lives dictate all sorts of activities and we cannot afford any downtime due to … well … those issues.
You know, the issues no one talks about at parties ……… like sweaty feet, skin chafing down there, stinky shoes, excessive body sweat.

Our 100% natural and talc free formula is a mix of Bentonite Clay , Slippery Elm Bark , Corn Starch and Essential Oils …. Squeaky Cheeks feels energizing,  heals like no other,  smells terrific and lasts all day and you can trust that wherever life takes you, we are working to keep you comfortable so that you can enjoy your time indoors and outdoors.

For more than 10 years Squeaky Cheeks has been the best formula available for chafing prevention, sweat reduction and odor elimination.

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We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us.

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